Triple 7 Inferno Slots

From great games designer RTG (which stands for Real Time Gaming), Triple 7 Inferno Slots has all of the proverbial symbols that tend to denote classics, and then some. When gaming for real cash, you can bet 0.05 credits, 0.25 credits, 0.50 credits, $1 and up to $5 on the payline, with three coins allowed in total. The maximum bet, then, is $15. Although, of course, fun money is allowed, keep in mind that if you hit it big, you might regret not having put down even a paltry sum at the start. The symbols consist of numeral 7s, flame balls and bars, and there is no Autoplay available.

As for the nature of the theme of Triple 7 Inferno Slots, it's all about the fiery numeral 7. The primary thing that distinguishes it from other Classic Slots is the fact that striking a reel of blank symbols still gets you paid! After all, it's three of a kind, right?! Of course, the payouts are larger if you manage to get some actual symbols on the board.

For a three coin wager and three fireball symbols, your prize is 1000 coins. If instead you played just two coins, then you win 500 coins. For a single coin bet, you get nothing at all for three fireballs - thus, this is tantamount to playing for free in the Instant Play mode. Clearly, if you download the casino software, it's best to play Triple 7 Inferno Slots with at least two coins. The next paying symbol is of course the number 7; for a three coin wager, you win 300 coins. For a two coin wager and three of a kind of the 7, you get 150 coins. The Triple White Bar symbols, for a three coin wager, is worth 60 coins for a wager of three coins. For a wager of two coins, you win 60 coins again, and the same for a single coin bet.

Counting down further we have the Double White Bar symbols; for a three coin wager this is worth a payout of 40 coins; the same for two coins and the one coin wager - always for three of a kind on the reels. For a Single White Bar, three of a kind gets you 20 coins no matter how many coins you wager at the start. For any mixed bars, three of a kind is worth 10 coins. Remember the fact that you still win something if you draw blanks on Triple 7 Inferno slots? Well, this prize is 2 coins. Check out this fiery Classic slot from Real Time Gaming, and download the casino software for the delivery of the Welcome Bonus to help you jumpstart your exhilarating night of slots gaming.