Sevens and Stripes Slots

Sevens and Stripe Slots is from none other than casino games maker extraordinaire, Real Time Gaming. With 3 reels and 1 payline, it is of course a Classic slot by definition, and it certainly extraverts this fact in the clean visuals that are of a distinctly unadorned nature. Somewhat iconoclastically, this is a progressive slot, which means there's a big jackpot residing at the end of any normal round of play. This jackpot is not of the local variety, which means that it draws from across cyberspace to all real money players who've decided to spin the reels for cash, using the download version instead of the Flash option (the latter is free to play in your Chrome or Firefox browser). Once you decide to play this one, you'll find an agreeable number of coins: choose the lowest option and play just a single coin for potentially modest wins. To up the risk and the potential reward a bit, toss two coins towards Seven and Stripes Slots. Finally, the most you can bet per game is three coins.

Unlike other Classics with the fortune of having a progressive jackpot, Sevens and Stripes slots allows big wins with all three of its colored numeral 7 symbols. This means that either the red 7, blue 7 or the white 7 can result in a big win if they show up in the right quantity on a line that you're playing with real money via download. As for the coin denominations that you can choose, pick from the low end at 5 pennies, or go all the way up to the maximum of $5 per line. Remember, you can bet 1,2, or 3 coins so this gives you a lot of leeway in managing your funds, vs the amount of risk you're willing to take. It is slots like these that keep the entire Classic Slots genre alive and kicking, which is not easy in a world where the 5 reel video slot is becoming ever more cinematic in its sheer appeal.

More information on the betting options that are allowed follows thusly: the maximum bet of 3 coins is standard for a slot of this size, and Sevens and Stripes stays true to its original mandate by allowing such a plethora of ways to win, constricted only by the fact that there are just 3 reels. You are required, however, to play the greatest number of coins possible - 3 of them - if you want to make a run at the growing progressive jackpot. Additionally, a red 7, white 7 and blue 7 has to show up on the the payine in question for the win to be yours; additionally, these numerical symbols have to appear in a specific order: first there has to the red one, and the the white one and finally the blue - in the left to right reading direction. If that fails, then you're still in line for a potentially big win with 3 red numeral 7 symbols. The prize here is a considerable $5000 win (for example) on a $3 starting wager at the beginning of that round.

Before we get into the play by play of symbol values - which is, of course, especially important to real money players of Sevens and Stripes Slots - we need to reiterate that this is a Classic. That means, do not land on the page expecting the modern 5 reel video slot full of unique graphics and themes! This 3 reel, single payline alternative has many of its own benefits with the latent Progressive Jackpot waiting in the wings for the lucky online casino gamer. The ability to bet 1-3 coins is yet another feature that sets this game apart when compared to the run of the mill Classic - the breakdown is about 60/40 for those that allow just a single coin on the bet line, and those that allow more. Usually, Real Time Gaming can be counted on to allow multiple numbers of coins, as well a solid range of coin denominations. The ability to bet up to $5 keeps the real money version of Sevens and Stripes Classic Slot within range of most gamblers, too.

Now we venture into the symbol values territory. Remember; the white, blue and red 7 symbols are the ones you want to line up in a row, assuming that you wagered the full $5 at the start of the game. This combination unleashes the much-talked about Progressive jackpot for your benefit. Despite what it has to offer, you can eschew the real money option and use the Instant Play fun money alternative - the latter doesn't require a download. It runs in the Flash program by Adobe, meaning all it takes is a Chrome or Firefox browser, with Windows supported on some mobile phones.

If you play 3 coins in Sevens and Stripes Slots, and manage to land a red, white and blue 7 (one of each) across the reels, then you win the Progressive Jackpot in full on the maximum wager. If you instead land 3 red numeral 7 symbols on a 3 coin wager, then you are rewarded with 5000 coins. If you get a red bar, a double white bar and a triple blue bar symbol then you get 600 coins on a 3 coin bet. If instead you manage to land three blue numeral 7 symbols, then your prize is 300 coins on a 3 coin bet. Again on a 3 coin wager, if you land three triple blue bar symbols, your payout is 120 coins. If you land three double white bar symbols then your reward is 60 coins. For a 3 coin wager, if you get three single red bar symbols on all the reels, you win 30 coins, and a red, white and blue combo bar (singlet) on each of the 3 reels gives you a low paying 12 coins.

Next up we have the results for a 2 coin wager in Sevens and Stripes Slots. For a red numeral 7, a white numeral 7 and a blue numeral 7 symbol, you win a considerable 4800 coins. Keep in mind that it's not possible to have access to the Progressive jackpot if you do not play all the possible 3 coins at the betting line. For a straight flush of three red numeral 7 symbols across the reels, your reward is 2398 coins. Again on a 2 coin wager, if you land a single red bar, two double white bar symbols and three triple blue bar symbols across the reels on a 2 coin wager, then you receive 400 coins as a payout. Continuing the countdown to the completion of this Classic Slot review, we've stick with the 2 coin wager and land three single blue numeral symbols for the payout totaling 200 coins. If you get three triple blue bar icons on the reels, then your reward is 80 coins. For three double white bar symbols you receive 40 coins; for three single red bar symbols you get 20 coins and for the final possible payout on a wager of 2 coins, lining up three red, white and blue combo bars results in an 8 coin payout.

Finally, if you decide you want to play conservatively then you can just wager a single coin. Because this value is possible, most online casino gamers do not think that it is reasonable to play pokeys such as Seven and Stars Stripes for free; but the option is definitely available and you should consider sharpening your skills in the free Instant Play fun money mode before diving in with a couple of coins. Of course, there's no obligation to play for real money; always keep that in mind. Now, for a single coin wager and a lucky strike of a red numeral 7, a white numeral 7 and a blue numeral 7 symbol on the reels, you win 2400 coins. If instead you line up three red numeral 7 symbols, then your prize is 1199 coins. For three white numeral symbols you get 200 coins. If you get three blue numeral 7 icons on the reels you win 100 coins. For a line up of three triple blue bars on the reels with a 1 coin wager, your prize is 40 coins.

The final series of values for a 1 coin wager are as follows: if you get the unique multi colored numeral 7 symbols on all three reels, you receive a payout amount of 20 coins. For three single red bar symbols you get 10 coins, and for the red, white and blue bar symbols, three of them on all the reels results in a prize of 4 coins. We hope that we have covered everything in this comprehensive Sevens and Stripes Classic slot review from Real Time Gaming! To play for real cash and prizes, just head to the casino website on your mobile device or desktop, and download the software to make a deposit. To play for free, simply locate the "Instant Play" button and activate the Flash version in your supported browser.