It's Good to be Bad Slots

If you’re a committed online casino gamer of any note, then you’ve almost certainly run into the highly-regarded Good Girl, Bad Girl Slots. Known for its visual impressiveness and elite gameplay, it inspired the creation of It’s Good to Be Bad Slots, which has 3 reels and one payline - after the manner of the Classic video pokey. The Triple Red 7 icons pays the most, and when you wager the maximum three coins per payline (there’s only one such line, of course), then you win 600 coins if all three red number 7 icons appear simultaneously on the reels.

Did we mention that It’s Good to Be Bad Slots is a progressive? This means that the total jackpot pool rises as more and more players get in the game for real money (red: through download of the casino software). It’s a popular pokey and network slot, which means most major online casinos host it; every player at these other establishments contribute to the pot prize at your present position. As for the name “It’s Good to Be Bad”; this means that if you are unlucky enough to lose your next 29 spins in a row, you will automatically trigger the Progressive Jackpot on the 30th spin - which is amazing! In a sense, it may be impossible to lose at this game; it all depends on your wagering strategy. You do not have to keep track of your losses, either, as the so-called Loss Meter.

Additionally, you can win along the way even as you “lose.” Clearly, this slot works in reverse, in a sense. It’s easy to keep a tally of precisely where you are in the game, given the Extra Winning Rolls Meter that’s placed on the right hand side of the gameboard. Extraverting the bad side of the slot prominently, is a winged devil figure that never stops dancing as the meter fills up. This is supported by blinking lights that count the remaining number of losses necessary to trigger the Free Spins. When you actually win instead of lose, you are rewarded with the prescribed payout and any other bonus wins.

Now we get to the heart of the matter with the gigantic progressive jackpot. No need to worry if, during a losing streak, you suddenly win and lose access to the Free Spins or small payout that results; because your next win just might unleash the $100,000 progressive! This amazing game gives you access to this amount of money whether you win or you lose (as long a the number of losses equals 29 in a row). Of course, the previous amount only applies if you wagered $1; if instead you wagered 50 cents, then the top prize is $25,000. Download the casino software to play It’s Good to Be Bad Slots, and hit the Play 3 Coins button to get started. May the gods of luck smile upon you.