Light Speed Slots

Traveling at the speed of light gives rise to phenomena unlike any that you’ve ever seen or envisioned. The tremendous physicist, Albert Einstein, first contrived the mathematical elucidation that gave vent to the very Special Theory of Relativity; as you approach the speed of light c, length contracts and time dilates - which is an amazing result to the conventional mind! Casino games maker extraordinaire, Real Time Gaming, has released a Classic 3 reel, single payline ode to this awesome theorem. And as an added effect, the slot has a progressive jackpot, which means that the value of the cash prize is not set; it rises depending on ho many real money players contribute to the jackpot across the multitude of online casinos that are hosting Light Speed Slots at any given time. Because of the steadily growing prize pot, you are compelled to play a minimum of 75 cents in order to be in the running for the progressive.

The top prize is a solid quintuple (multiple of 7) your original wager, so if you can bet more than the minimum 25 cents per line (there’s only a single line anyway), then you should consider doing so in case a stroke of luck strikes you while gaming. Another good thing is that you can bet 1-3 coins on the payline; you must bet all three to be eligible for the progressive. Additionally, by betting the max, you’ll be eligible for the respin feature, which gives you multiple chances on the House dime to continue gaming in the hopes of winning real money. The Substitute symbol in this game is the Mechanical robot, and when it appears to replace any of the other Light Speed Slots icons, it releases the best prizes in the game. There’s also a Multiplier symbol feature to enhance your opportunities.

The symbols of note begin with the Laser pistol; for three coins down and three Laser pistols on the reels, you win 400 coins. For two coins and three Laser pistol icons, the prize is 200 coins. For one coin and three Lasers you get 100 coins. The Yellow Star symbol is next in line, and for three of a kind and three coins as a bet, the award is 30 coins. For two coins down and three of a kind of the Yellow Star, you win 20 coins and for three of a kind and one coin down, the reward is 10 coins. The Flying Saucer, for three coins wagered and three of a kind on the reels, gets you 15 coins. For two coins wagered and three of a kind, the prize now is 10 coins and for one coin wagered and three of a kind, you get 5 coins. The Green Alien icon, for three of a kind and the maximum number of coins wagered pays out 6 coins as the lowest paying symbol in the game. For two coins wagered and three of a kind of the Green Alien you win 4 coins, and for a single cin wagered and three of a kind ou get 2 coins. Download RTG’s Light Speed Slots today and enjoy a favored Classic slot in the online gaming realm.