Frozen Assets Slots

Unless you're a drug dealer or an internationally wanted criminal of sorts, then you've probably never had to deal with frozen assets. Strangely enough, there's one other addition to the above malcontents - and that is the divorced father on child support (which is very strange when you think about it). But nonetheless, this 3 reel, 1 payline Classic Slot from Real Time Gaming has drawn the crowds and set the lucky players up for viable runs at the progressive jackpot. When playing this for real money, you have the option of wagering 1 coin, 2 coins or a maximum of 3 coins on the payline. The denominations run from 5 cents to $5, and the Substitute Penguin icon is slated to deliver some serious wins when it replaces other symbols on the payline for the completion of winning combinations. The only symbols that the Penguin cannot replace are the Scattered Sun and the Snowflake, which usher in their own exclusive benefits.

As for the paying symbols, they get off to a good start with the Ice Blue Numeral 7 icon. For a three coin wager at the start of the game and a line up of three Ice Blue 7 symbols, you win the Progressive Jackpot - which can be quite a lot of money if you played every single coin and chose one of the higher incremental coin values. For a wager of two coins, three Ice Blue 7 symbols gets you 150 coins on the payline. For a wager of a single coin, three Ice Blue 7 symbols are worth 75 coins. For the Snowman symbol, three of a kind on a three coin wager are worth 100 coins. For a two coin wager, three of a kind of the Ice Blue 7 icons gets you 50 coins, and for a wager of one coin, you win 25 coins for three Snowmen symbols.

The last set of symbols consist of the Blue Tophat and the Red Tophat. For the Blue one, three of a kind on a three coin wager is worth 75 coins. For three of a kind on a two coin wager, your reward is 50 coins, and for three of a kind on a single coin wager you win 25 coins. For the Red Tophat symbol, three of a kind on a three coin wager is worth 25 coins; three of a kind on a two coin wager gets you 15 coins and three of a kind on a one coin wager is worth 7 coins.

Lastly, it behooves you to keep abreast of the Snowman meter that is steadily compiling at the top of the screen (in some versions of Frozen Assets Slots, the meter is at the bottom of the game screen). When it fills up, good things happen for the player - so keep on gaming. Download Frozen Assets today for a chance at cash from the North Pole. As an RTG Classic, you know the gaming's good.