Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Many movies have been made about the great rulers of Ancient Egypt, which is why the notion of pharaohs pervades many of the motifs of the modern era. RealTime Gaming has joined the fray with their 3 reel, 3 payline Slot that possesses a 100 coin jackpot for the very lucky winner who downloads the casino software. The pyramids are front and center in this pokey, and the Egyptian template shines through. At the start, you pick the coin size with which you're comfortable and make a wager at the start. The coin sizes range from 0.05 credits to 5 credits. Obviously, if you're playing for real cash opportunities, then you probably want to play all the paylines and use a higher coin size - but it's up to you, of course. At 5 credits at minimum and 25 credits at maximum, there's quite a bit of leeway here to make an appropriate wager.

As you play, keep in mind the need to match up as many icons as possible. Of course, this isn't really up to you in a game of luck, but you can increase your chances the more paylines you play, and if you manage your coin sizes. When you download the casino software, you will get a Welcome Bonus from the House so that you can literally play for free for a spell. Just make a deposit according to the casino rules and the extra free cash will be deposited into your account.

The top paying symbols in Pharaoh's Gold slots is the image of the Sun God Ra. for three of a kind on the reels on the 3rd betting line, the payout is the maximum 100 coins. If you are only playing 1-2 lines, then the payout for three of a kind of the Sun God Ra is 50 coins. The next highest paying symbol is the Red Scarab Beetle. For three of a kind of this one and the third line wager, you receive 25 coins - an admittedly big drop-off that is nonetheless worthwhile to the real money gamer. Bringing up the rear is the Asp Snake symbol; for the triple Asp icon, playing three lines and getting three of a kind releases 5 coins. For lines 1-2, you'll get 5 coins as well. The lowest number is delivered by the Double Asp icon; it gives you 2 gold coins whether they appear on both Line 3 and the batcheds Line 1-2. If the Eye of Ra matches any of these other symbols and then replaces them, then the payout is enhanced for each selection.

There are a few notes on Pharaoh's Gold Slots; as you have seen, any three symbols lined up serves to pay out a certain amount as listed here and on the in-game pay table. The main difference in this as compared to other slots, is that none of the symbols have to be adjacent to pay out; nor do they need to line up in the traditional left to right direction to release any value into your bank account. The Sun God Ra is the Substitute symbol and can replace any of the other ones to pay out. Download today for access.