Double Ya Luck Slots

Finally, we get back to the famous Classic Slot as conceived by master online slot maker, Real Time Gaming. This is a very involved slot for the usually simple Classic type, and the existence of a special game board lets you make the most of what RTG has to offer. With 3 reels and 3 paylines, it’s actually a bit better than the traditional Classic in that there’s more than a single payline. You can wager a comfortably wide range of coins, from a penny to a full $30; as such, penny-pinchers and high rollers alike can play with reasonable expectations without breaking the bank. As usual, for reference, you can check the pay table in order to locate the symbol values and understand what everything is worth.

As for the icons on the reels, they cover the usual for slots of the Classic persuasion. There are Cherry symbols, Dice, Diamonds, Bells, Horseshoes, Bars and more on the game board. Endemic to the theme of the game, itself, are the Ya icon, the Double icon and the all-time favorite Luck icon - which hopefully blesses you in this real money game of chance. They show up in style in the Bonus Board Game, in particular. The Gamble feature opens up when you happen to land all three of the special game icons at the same time. You can win up to 5 Free Spins along with a single Multiplier when this appears, and the ability to double this number manifests itself with the appearance of the right number of black or red cards.

The top symbol that isn’t a Wild is the Brown Bell; for three of a kind on the reels you win 100 coins. This value is doubled to 200 coins if the Wild appears. Next is the Steel Horseshoe symbol; for three of a kind you get 50 coins; the appearance of the wild bumps this up to 100 coins. The Green Dollar Sign icon is worth, for three of a kind, 25 coins; with the Substitute it grows to 50 coins. The Gol, Silver, Gold Triple Bar symbol gets you a 20 coin payout when three of them appear; raised to 40 coins when the Wild substitutes. The Red Cherries, for three on the reels, are worth 5 coins; 10 if the Double Wild subs in. Finally, the Diamond symbol is worth 3 coins for three of a kind. This is bumped up to 6 coins with the Wild. If you really wish to stack the wins and get the most out of Double Ya Luck Slots, then you’ll want the Double Chip icon to appear three times - this is worth a solid 1000 coins.

The final special bonus round is the Board Game; when the Dice icons show up at least once, this will activate a unique round of potentially paying play. The directions are a bit involved, and the payout is dependent on the numbers rolled and the number of spaces available/left for the player to move. Despite the confusion, this is all explained in the pay table that is readily available in the game. You can happily look forward to the potential to win Free Spins, the Progressive Jackpot or the Win Series.