Lucky Lightning Slots

Some say that lightning only strikes once in the same spot; let's hope it strikes multiple times for you. Lucky Lightning Slots is a 3 reel Classic from Real Time Gaming, and it has the traditional one payline. Download Lucky Lightning Slots after you’ve got the hang of it in free play and see if you can turn a penny into dollars.

The winning combinations in the game are easily discerned, such that you need not even refer to a payline most of the time. All the game information relating to payouts is put on the playing screen. As a real money gamer, you’ll be happy to know that the range of coin sizes that you can play is wider than most other options. You can bet as little as 5 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, $1 or even $5 - the last is the maximum. There’s just a single coin per line allowed, so this isn’t one of those slots where you can make up the difference by betting 5 coins per payline. The maximum bet for a line turns out to be a considerable $15. Fun money is available if you are just in it for the spectacle and do not wish to spend or possibly win any cash.

If you take a chance and bet the full three coins per payline, as well as the maximum dollar amount fo $5, then you could be in store for a 2500 coin win. You would pretty much make out like a bandit in this case! To begin playing, just follow the onscreen rules. The function of the Spin Reel button is obvious and self-explanatory. The animated thunder strikes light up the screen as the game proceeds. As you will learn the values of the symbols shortly in this article, the lucky number 7 is the one you want to appear in order to land the biggest prize in the game.

The symbols, without further ado, include bars of different colors, blanks, orange fruit, plums, cherries, and red colored 7s. Many of the bar symbols sport lightning strikes down the middle of them, which makes for a cool added effect. These symbols enjoy an extra dollop of animation as they spin, as if to regale the player with visions of luck and riches. As such, and not to be unexpected, these lightning strike containing symbols are the highest paying in the game. For a slot that’s on the small side, such higher paying symbols are quite welcome for the cash gamer. After all, if you’re betting the maximum $15 per game, you want to be able to reap some serious rewards just in case you DO get lucky, right? Well Lucky Lightning Slots is the one for you.

The final series of sections in this comprehensive review details the winning combinations and the prizes that they unlatch. For example, if you manage a triple appearance of the blank icons across the middle reel, then you will be gifted with one, two or three coins for your efforts. If, instead, a cherry icon appears, then you’ll get two, three, four, five or six coins as the results of your efforts. The bars that lack a lightning strike down the middle result in a payout of 5 coins to 15 coins maximum, with several increments in between. Now, should you have lightning bolts inside these bars, the payout amount is increased to between to and 30 coins total. A triple cherry across all the reels and payline results in a prize tally of 25 coins at the low end and 75 coins at the high end.

The highest amount you can win in Lucky Lightning Slots from RTG is delivered by the orange fruit symbols. This is an impressive range of 100 to 300 coins for three of a kind. If, instead, three bars that contain the thunder sign in the middle show up instead, then the payout is between 200 and 600 coins. Lastly, for the magic lucky number 7, you can walk away with 800 to 2500 coins if three of a kind dominate the reels. Remember to multiply the credits/coins won with the coin denomination that you chose. Download and enjoy Lucky Lightning Slots today.