Bonkers Slots

Bonkers Slots has an esteemed pedigree from Real Time Gaming, which makes it attractive to anyone who has been gaming in the online space for awhile. This means that you can be assured of a good time, as well as the chance to access awesome payouts in the real money version of this 3 reel, single pay line Classic Slot. In fact, even better, it is a Progressive Slots, which means that there's quite a lot to look for in your efforts to win big amounts of cash. You'll go bonkers for the possible cash amounts in this cute little Classic Progressive; which is a rare combination in and of itself.

Now, by betting the full 3 coins in Bonkers Slots, you open up a possible path to winning $240 if luck delivers the three triple bar symbols on the reels simultaneously! All it takes to be in the running for this amount is the placement of a $3,00 total wager. Furthermore, if you can get red 7 symbols on the reels, then the Progressive jackpot is for you to keep. With all of these possible winnings, we have yet to even mention the free spins attributes and how they contribute to improving your chances. To keep track of all the game functions you may need, refer to the very bottom of the screen for the Cash Out red button, the Bet One next to it, the Spin Reel and the Play Credits. This is your control board.

In the Bonkers Slots free spins realm, you need only land a couple of Bonkers symbols on the reels to access three free spins. If you're even luckier and get three Bonkers! Symbols, then you get the promised 10 free spins maximum. Not only this, but the free spins can be re-triggered - which means that it is possible to continue racking them up even as you're already playing a current free spins round. Pay attention, however; as there are certain limiting conditions to how many free spins you can win while playing an existing round. After all, it's a Classic Slot with only 3 reels, and too many chances can overwhelm the fundamentally limited size of the game, itself.

For a 3 coin wager, if you happen to get the red triple 7 symbols across the 3 reels of Bonkers Slots, then your prize is a 1200 coin reward. If you wager just two coins at the start of the game and get triple red 7s, then you win 400 coins. For a wager of a single coin and three red triple 7 symbols your reward is 200 coins. Next up is the triple red bars symbols; for a 3 coin wager, three of a kind of this icon is worth a payout of 240 coins. For a two coin wager, three of a kind of the triple red bar symbol is worth 160 coins; for a single coin wager with this collection of same symbols, your prize is 80 coins.

Next up we have the double orange bar symbols; for a three coin wager, you can receive 90 coins as a payout if three double orange bars line up on the reels. For a 2 coin wager, the prize is 60 coins for the double orange bars when they appear in threes on the reels. For a 1 coin wager, three double orange bar symbols gets you an award of 30 coins. Similarly, there's a single purple bar symbol that can corral some cash for you if the symbols line up right. For a 3 coin wager, the three purple bars gets you 45 coins; for a two coin wager, three single purple bars gets you 30 coins, and for a single coin wager, three purple bar symbols are worth 15 coins.

The final symbol in Bonkers Slots is the gold curved bar; for a 3 coin wager, three of these appearing on the reels unlocks a 9 coin payout; two curved gold bar symbols unlatches a 6 coin payout, and a one coin wager gets you a 3 coin payout. Right before this assortment is the single aquamarine bar symbol; for three coins as a wager you win 30 coins; for two coins as a wager you get 45 coins, and for a single aquamarine bar on the reels you win 15 coins. It's all totally bonkers, so play RTG's Bonkers Slots today!