Bank on it Slots

Bank On It Slots is a confirmed top slots from none other than Real Time Gaming. As a videogame of the Classic Slots variety, it's got the standard 3 reels and 1 pay line for your gaming pleasure. To ratchet up the potential prize at the end of a winning round, you can put down one, two, or even three coins as your total wager on the single pay line. There's also a wild symbol that allows you to capture at least a handful of extra coins and put them into the symbol of the piggy bank. To make things even more enticing to play, Bank On It Slots has a progressive Jackpot that continues to grow in value until somebody wins it.

Let us take a look at the special symbols in the game. Just because you don't manage to hit three red sevens to corral the progressive jackpot, doesn't mean you can't pick up a lot of cash and prizes along the way using the special symbols. For example, the wild symbol is a piggy bank to signal the riches you can win. Whenever this wild symbol happens to match any of the other symbols on the pay line that you're currently playing, your nine for something big – potentially. You still need to strike three blank symbols in a row to win the coins which are then placed in your Wild piggy bank.For an idea of what you stand to win as just an example game, consider that the progressive jackpot begins at 150 gold coins. It simply continues to grow as more people play until somebody manages to win three of the pink piggies symbols that line up on the reels. The huge payout then comes via the single pay line.

The next highest paying symbol is the blue 7. On a three coin Wager, three blue 7 symbols get you 600 coins. On a two coin Wager, a triplet of the blue 7 symbols get you 400 coins; and they one coin Wager get you 200 coins as a payout if you line up three blue 7 symbols on the reels. Next we have the combination colored 7 symbols (each seven is colored blue, red, and white). On a three coin Wager and three of the symbols lined up on the reels you win 450 coins. For a two coin Wager, and three of the aforementioned on the reels you win 300 coins. Lastly, for a single coin Wager you can win 150 coins for the combination colored 7 symbol when it appears as three of a kind.

In the next order of business we check out the triple purple bar symbols; on a three coin Wager, three of a kind of this gets you 300 coins as a payout. On a two coin Wager, three of a kind of the purple bar symbol get you 200 coins, and on a single coin Wager, three of a kind of the purple bar symbol gets you 100 coins. Next we have a double dose of the white bar symbol; on a three coin Wager, three of a kind of this one get you 150 coins; on a two coin Wager, three of a kind of the double white bar symbols gets you 100 coins, and on a single coin Wager, three double white bar symbols get you 50 coins. The remaining symbols consist of a red cherry, and some blue letters. Check out the in game pay table to see what these values are – they tend to be lower-value numbers since they have a probability of appearing frequently.

Download Real Time Gaming's Bank On It Slots today for a chance at a high-value Classic Slots. Although it has the traditional three reels and one pay line, there's a chance to win a lot of money here, especially with the Wild Piggy Bank symbol.