Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots

This sequel to the original RTG Diamond Mine Slots is everything that the prequel is, and much more. It's got 3 reels and 1 payline, and offers the potential to take home a solid 3000 coins as the top progressive jackpot. It takes a triple appearance of Dollar Sign icons on the reels to access this, but we will get to all that in the short review below. At the start, you can bet at least 5 cents on Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots, in increments up to $5. The three coins allowed make it possible to take the highest prize for each symbol.

If you bet two coins on the betting line at the start, and you also manage to land Dollar Sign symbols, then you win 1600 coins. For a single coin bet, the most you can win is 800 coins. Just like in the original Diamond Mine Classic, the Red Numeral 7 symbol is second in command. For three of a kind on the reels, and a three coin wager at the start, your prize is 240 coins. For three Purple Bar symbols, and a three coin wager, you've got a 120 coin payout. For a two coin wager, and three Purple Bar icons, you win 80 coins, and lastly for the Purple Bar symbols, a one coin wager gets you a payout of 40 coins.

As we count down to the lower but still respectable payouts, get a load of the remaining icons: a Double White Bar, Red Cherry and Blue Script. For a three coin wager, the Double white Bar symbol gets you a payout of 75 coins. For a two coin wager, the Double White Bar is worth 50 coins on the payline, and for a one coin wager, the Double White Bar symbol gets you 25 coins. Next are the combination icons, which begin with the Blue Script and three Red Cherry symbols together; for a three coin wager these are worth 30 coins. For a two coin wager, the previous are still worth 20 coins, and for a single coin wager you get 10 coins. Next up is the same Blue Bar and this time, 2 Red Cherries; for a three coin wager, the payout is 15 coins; for a two coin wager, the reward is 10 coins and for a one coin wager you receive 5 coins. For a single Red Cherry icon, a three coin wager is worth 6 coins. For a two coin wager, one Red Cherry gets you 4 coins, and for a one coin wager, you win 2 cons.

Download and play Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots for a shot at the bigger prizes in this Classic video slot. The pay table inside is more comprehensive than the one summarized here; but hopefully you got the gist of it. Download now!