Aztec's Treasure Feature Guarantee Slots

Sporting 5 reels and 30 paylines, this ode to the ancient civilizations of the Americas is choc-full of a multitude of unique features, starting with wild icons that replace any other non-scatter symbol, bonus features, jackpots and riveting animations to keep you glued to the screen. How would you like a shot at 20,000 coins? Betsoft has truly outdone itself with this slot that is related to Real Time Gaming’s Aztec Treasures and Aztec’s Millions. As you navigate the pokey, you will find the true essence of its popularity – which is that the bonus features are so lauded. In fact, gamers report wins on almost every spin; ranging from small to modest to big. This attribute of the slot is termed “low variance,” and it is instructive to play these for real money wherever you find them.

Your Best Bet in the Real Money Version

As for the betting, there is a healthy range of coin denominations from which to choose. This range begins at the low end of 2 cents and ends at 50 cents; you can play 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 coins per payline. For an entire game, assuming that all 30 of the variable paylines are active, you can play between 60 cents and $75 – with the potentially gigantic wins coming at the higher ends. Once inside the real cash version, you will find that the bonus symbols are very important to enhancing any of your potential wins. For example, we begin by taking a look at the Wild icon, which is represented by both the Spear Throw symbol and the Aztec Kiss Me emblem. The regular symbol of the Aztec Chief is responsible for activating the Aztec Kiss Me Substitute symbol when it appears on the relevant reels. The Spear Throw is also capable of replacing other symbols except for the Scatter.

Chief among the bonus symbols is the scattered Love Hut, which can activate the eponymous feature bonus round when at least three of a kind land on the reels. Another Scatter is the Gecko Animal found in the Amazonian rain forests; it can deliver a bunch of free spins in Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee Slots. There are also payouts associated with it – just check the pay table for more information. Finally, we have the Aztec Calendar symbol which is also a scatter; when a triplet of these appears on the reels, you will enjoy an instant win bonus that comes in the form of either cash or prizes. Here’s the kicker: one of the hidden prizes holds the 20,000 coin random jackpot prize.

Aztec’s Treasure Free Spins Feature

In this section, we get to the Free Spins Feature in Aztec Treasures. It gets activated the second you land a minimum of three Gecko icons on the game board; the more you land, the more free spins tumble into your account. This feature is buttressed by a respin attribute, in that you can just keep on winning more and more of them as the you play the previous free games. The precious gem symbols also feature strongly in this game, and are capable of unlocking the Secret Room Bonus. Gems that are colored blue, green and red are suspended inside of a gold case, and they show up only on reel 5 for a chance at a lot of wins. To access this hidden room of vast treasures, simply collect all of the colored gems and watch it open up expeditiously.

The final two bonus features are termed “Click Me” and “Love Hut.” The key symbol here is the Aztec Calendar Money; when these descend on an active payline, then you could very well luck into the 20,000 coin jackpot that makes this game so attractive to real money gamers. As pertains to the Love Hut icon, this is where the magic happens – the Aztec chief icon supposedly uses this to unveil his presents to the Aztec princess to be who ventured inside willingly. In Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee Slots, you need three Love Hut symbols on the reels in order to unlock the gifts that this feature holds. In the final sections we will view the symbol values as they are listed on the in game pay table.

The Aztec Chief Substitute Icon and More

The most valuable symbol in the game is the Aztec Chief; for five of a kind on the reels, he returns a lofty payout of 5000 coins; for four of a kind he gets the player a 500 coin payout; for three of a kind, 100 coins, for two of a kind the Aztec Chief is worth 5 coins and for a single Aztec Chief on the reels, you win 2 coins. Similarly valuable is the Aztec Queen symbol; for five of a kind, she is worth 2500 coins; for four of a kind, she gets you a payout of 250 coins; for three of a kind she gets the gamer a 100 coin payout and for two of a kind, 5 coins. The Aztec Princess icon, for five of a kind, gets you a 1000 coin payout in Aztec Treasures Feature Guarantee Slots; for four of a kind she is worth 100 coins; for three Aztec Princesses you win an award of 50 coins and for two of a kind, 5 coins.

Next up we’ve got a Jaguar symbol; this animal was exalted by the Aztecs, Mayans and Incans. For five of a kind, the prize is 500 coins; for four Jaguar icons on the board, you win 75 coins and for three of a kind, your reward is 15 coins. The Aztec Temple symbol is next – it is the Central American manifestation of the Babylonian Kush in his attempts to usurp the throne of the Almighty and displace the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from Heaven. For five Temple symbols, the prize is 200 coins; for four of a kind you get 25 coins and for three of a kind you win 10 coins. The remaining symbols are the colored gems we wrote about earlier: green and red. They are the low-paying substitutes for the poker symbols in this game. Download and play Aztec Treasures Feature Guarantee Slots today for a close-up view of this top slot.