Jumping Beans Slots

Jumping Beans Slots is another Real Time Gaming entry that, despite having fewer than 5 reels, still brings the thunder and exceeds the parameters of the casual Classic Slot (3 reels and 1 payline). Jumping Beans has 3 reels and 5 paylines, making it possess many more ways to win than the traditional Classic. Additionally, it’s got bonus features galore, as well as a progressive jackpot and the chance to win a multitude of free games. Since downloading the casino software opens you up to the betting game, the wagering amounts are of note to you: put down a modest 5 cents per game, or the maximum of $5 using the coin denominations range of $0.01 - $1 per active payline. All of the non-scattered icons pay in the left to right direction.

The progressive jackpots in the game are available to those who play all active paylines for cash. The first one is known as the Minor Jackpot and is worth more than $100. The second, larger jackpot is the Major Jackpot and is worth more than $1000 - they appear at random, as this is a game of chance and perseverance. The first special symbol of note is the Substitute Male Bean icon; he’s wearing a wide-brimmed hat that is quintessentially Mexican. His special ability is one of replacement; he will replace any non-scattered symbol to help the real money gamer complete a winning payline for the commensurate payout (see the pay table; we’ll list the values in this short article, too).

Additionally, when the Substitute Wild appears, he also doubles the payout value associated with that particular combination and enumeration of symbols. Time to check out the one special symbol that can hold the Wild/Substitute at bay: the Scattered Female Bean (his wife! Funny how art imitates life). She can, nonetheless, trigger the Free Games Feature - which has the potential to extend your playing hours far into the evening. This activation is jumpstarted by the appearance of three Female Beans on the reels at the same time; you will be awarded 10 Free Games once that happens. Furthermore, any beans that flash into view will be added to the Bonus Beans meter for your benefit.

As for the other symbols on the reels, these begin with the Bad Guy Sombrero-wearer; for three of a kind, he gets you a payout of 100 coins - this jumps up to 200 coins if the Wild appears as well. For the Caboose symbol, three of a kind is worth 50 coins; this is doubled to 100 coins when the Wild symbol shows up as well. Next is the Sun symbol; for three on the reels, you win 30 coins - doubled to 60 coins with the Substitute icon. For the Triple Tacos symbol, you win 15 coins; doubled to 30 coins when the Wild careens into view. For the Double Tacos, you get 10 coins; 100 coins when the Wild Male Bean appears. We’re winding down now with the Single Taco symbol; three of a kind is worth a payout of 7 coins - doubled in value to 14 coins when Mr. Bean substitutes for one. The next icon is a double consisting of the Shake Sticks and a Banjo; either one, for three of a kind, gets you 5 coins. The last collection of symbols entails a Red Rose and a Cactus; 3 coins are paid out for three of a kind of either one. This just about wraps it up for Jumping Beans Slot; download today and enjoy!