The Big Heist Slots

This appropriately named pokey has 3 reels and a single payline, as befits a slot of the Classic persuasion. Well-made from the brainchild of the Real Time Gaming software programmers, this big, rambunctious and colorful heist accepts between 1 and 3 coins for the one payline of play, and can be played for real money at your favorite online gaming casino. The progressive jackpot that’s embedded in the game can be played for real money, and the coin denominations range from $0.05 in increments up to and including $5.00 for a single game. In order to have access to the Progressive Jackpot, you must wager the full 3 coin maximum though - it’s only fair to the other players.

In Big Heist Slots, the Armored Safe icon is valuable; the mechanism by which you win with this one includes dials filling up the counter that is placed on the screen. If you can corral 50 such counters, then you ae whisked to the special Bonus Feature where multiple free spins and other in-game opportunities await. With 3 of these dials and 50 in the counter, you can win up to ten times whatever is listed in the game counter. The biggest win in the game comes from getting the Wild Donut symbol; for example, if you get three of a kind of the Donut on the reels and wagered $3 at the start, you’re in the running for a $300 prize at game’s end. The progressive, on the other hand, becomes yours if the Police Badge symbol appears three times simultaneously.

As for the symbols in total, let’s take a look at the other values. For three of a kind of the donut symbol and a wager of 2 coins, you win 200 coin. For three of a kind of the donut on a single coin wager, you get 100 coins. What’s a donut without milk? Just ask any American police officer! For three of a kind of the glass of milk symbol, and the maximum wager of three coins, you win 150 coins. For three of a kind of the milk and a 2 coin wager, you get 100 coins. For just a single coin wager, three milk icons returns an award of 50 coins. Next up is the Clue icon; for a wager of three coins, three Clue symbols are worth a payout of 75 coins. For a wager of two coins, three Clues get you 50 coins, and for a single coin wager three Clue symbols get you 25 coins.

The final symbol features strongly in a number of coin wagers. For starters, it is the Revolver Gun. For a three coin wager, three Revolvers is worth 30 coins; for a 2 coin wager three Revolvers gets you 20 coins, and for a single coin wager three Revolvers is worth 10 coins. For a three coin wager and 2 Revolvers you win 15 coins; for a two coin wager and 2 Revolver symbols you get 10 coins, and for a one coin wager and 2 Revolver icons you win 5 coin. Lastly; a three coin bet on the payline and one Revolver is worth a payout of 6 coins. For a two coin bet and one Revolver, you get 4 coins and finally a one coin wager and one Revolver symbol guarantees a payout of 2 coins. Are you ready for Big Heist Slots? Download and play to find out!