Santastic Slots

From Real Time Gaming, we bring to you a review of the wonderful, holiday-themed Santastic slots, which is truly fantastic and a breath of frigid cold air to behold. It's got an unconventional 3 reels and 5 paylines, but is brimming with elite graphics after the fashion of the new-fanged 3D slots for which RTG is quickly becoming known. Obviously, the Jolly Red Giant from the North Pole features strongly in this one, and with the opportunity to play for fun money and real money, it is as inclusive as it gets for video slots. You can pick a coin size of between 10 cents and $1 for every payline, which comes out to 50 cents and $5 per game (the range of betting amounts).

The first of the special bonus symbols is the Wild; of which there are two. These two can sub in for nearly every other symbol in the game - except for the Scattered Jackpot symbol. The first of them is the Double Stocking Wild, and it will multiply any the resulting reward by a factor of two for the benefit of the real money gamer. Of course, there are restrictions; this Wild only shows up on the 2nd reel. The next one is the Triple Stocking Wild, and it lands on the 3rd reel in order to cause the resulting payout to multiply by a factor of three. Since these Wild symbols are stacked, it is possible to use both the Triple Stocking Substitute and the Double Stocking Substitute symbols to multiply the resulting cash payout by up to 6 times! RTG has pulled out all of the stops with this holiday video slot.

The symbols on the reels start off with the highly valued Santa Claus, himself. For three of a kind, he returns a payout of 100 coins; this is tripled (incredibly) to 600 coins if both Wild symbols appear alongside it. For two of a kind of Santa Claus, you win 3 coins; 18 coins for both Wilds. Next up is the Reindeer symbol; for three of a kind, the prize is 50 coins; tripled to 300 coins if two Substitute symbols show up as well. For two Reindeer symbols the award is 2 coins. The Elves are next; for three of a kind, you win 30 coins; this is ramped up to 180 coins for three of a kind with two of them replaced by the dual Wild icons.

The lower value icons begin with the North Pole Sign; for three of a kind alone do you receive a payout. If both Substitute symbols show up along with it, you get 120 coins. For the Snowman symbol, three of a kind gets you 10 coins and this is ratcheted up to 60 coins with the appearance of two Wild symbols. Both the Carrot Cake symbol and the Filled Stocking symbol get you 7 coins each for three of a kind of each. The Wilds elevate this payout to 42 coins. Lastly, we have the Teddy Bear and the Candy Cane symbols; three of a kind are worth 5 coins separately. This goes to 30 coins with the Wild symbols.

When you add in the Extra Jackpot Chance Feature and the Santastic Slots Festive Feast Features, Santastic Slots is a unique take on the North Pole holiday atmosphere. Download today to get more in-depth with the game.