Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

The second incarnation of the massively successful Bubble Bubble Slots, this one is not merely more of the same - it's like the original on nitroglycerine. Added attributes such as Feature Triggers that take full advantage of the scatter symbol's properties, as well as improved payouts. The symbols are different, as well - although they are still familiar, since they represent the kinds of items that you would expect from a witch. The very sexy Winni the Witch makes a return on the reels as a special bonus symbol; you will also find a giant wine-red Spell Tome that advertises so-called "love spells" on the cover. Two melting wax candles are represented, as is a skull, black raven symbol, boiling cauldron, glass jar of eyeballs and a pink potion. As an added enticement, this 5 reel, 50 payline slot is just as big as the prequel, which means that when you play every single one of the recommended paylines, you give yourself the best possible chance at landing any winning combinations and winning as much as possible depending on how lucky you get. Although Bubble Bubble 2 Slots is available for real money play, you can't take advantage of any winning streaks you chance upon. To access for real money, download the casino software and make a deposit.

Triple Free Spins And More...

What can you expect from the second incarnation of a very popular slot? Well, an upgrade, for starters! One of several new features is the triple free spins that are in possession of expanding wild multipliers; you can get up 9 times your starting wager if the symbols align beneficially. The first thing you'll notice is how much better the graphics are, as well - and the visual treat that was the original was no slouch, so this is really saying something. The on-screen symbols simply pop with exceptional artistic skill, and the fact that you can play on Android or Apple iOS mobile devices makes it seem all the better. The biggest prize in the game comes courtesy of a progressive jackpot that is worth 9000 times your wager.

The symbols are always of the greatest importance according to most online casino gamers. There's no secret to why this might be - after all, the winning combinations that are possible are really quite attractive, and the reason why most of us do it, right? Of course, the fun money option is also there, and this means that the game is open to everyone who lives in a jurisdiction where gambling is legal. For real cash players, however, you can wager a penny per payline, with 50 of them in total. The most you can wager per line is 25 cents, and this leads to exorbitant wins up to $12,500. It's difficult to truly appreciate what a 50 payline game can offer, so it's best you just play it to find out. Here are the symbol values:

Magic Symbols on the Reels

The awesomely detailed Black Bat symbol, for five of a kind, pays out a bunch of cash to the tune of 1000 coins; this is tripled to 3000 coins if one of the two substitute symbols replaces any of them, and bumped up by a factor of 9 if BOTH wild symbols appear for a truly impressive win of 9000 coins. If four Black Bat symbols show up on the reels, then you win 300 coins - tripled to 900 coins if one of the Substitute Winni the With icons appears as well; for three of a kind of the Black Bat you get 30 coins and for two of a kind, 3 coins. These last values are tripled, respectively, to 90 coins and 9 coins.

The second highest value icon is the Owl; for five of a kind, you win 300 coins, which gets a boost from one Wild symbol to 900 coins, and a gigantic boost from both Wilds up to 2700 coins; for four Owls you win 75 coins and for three of a kind you get 10 coins. These enjoy a boost to 958 coins and 30 coins with a single sub symbols; they cannot be boosted further, though. Only five of a kind on the reels releases the most magnificent wins. Real Time Gaming, which is the architect of both Bubble Bubble 2 Slots and its predecessor, is well-known for these kind of payouts.

Counting Down the Symbols in Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

The next symbols come together insofar as paytable values are concerned. The Black Hat and the Mouse, for five of a kind, get you 200 coins; this is bumped up to 600 with a Wild and up to 1800 for two Wilds on the reels simultaneously. For four of a kind, the Mouse or the Black Hat are worth 80 coins; this gets pushed up to 180 coins by a Wild. Lastly, for three of a kind of either on the reels, you win 6 coins and enjoy a tripling up to 18 coins with a Wild. Similarly, we have the Cauldron, the Skull and the Scarecrow symbols; for five on the reels, either of these are worth 75 coins; with the Wild, they're worth 225 coins and with both Wilds you get 675 coins. For four of a kind, they deliver a payout of 20 coins, which becomes 60 coins with the Wild.

For three of a kind, you win 5 coins, which get up to 18 coins with a Wild of any kind. Lastly, there are the Candlestick, Love Potion and a Scroll; for five of a kind, these are worth 60 coins, which becomes 180 coins with either Winni the Witch and her amanuensis Wild symbols, or an impressive 540 coins with both of them. For four of a kind, you get 18 coins on the payline, or 48 coins with a Wild icon. Finally, the last payout in the game from winning combinations comes with getting three of a kind of these symbols for a reward of 3 coins, or 9 coins with a substitution. And with that, we urge you to download Bubble Bubble 2 Slots and give it a spin today for a chance at real cash and prizes.