Bubble Bubble Slots

There are few things more powerful than a witch's brew; given that the power of this archetypal character stems from the limbs of weak men. More on that later - as for the wonderfully detailed video slot from Real Time Gaming, not only will the pretty pictures serve to draw you in, the gameplay, itself, will leave you virtually mesmerized. Sporting 5 reels and a whopping 50 paylines, there are so many ways to win with this one that it just might leave your head spinning! Don't think that it's an exclusively Halloween slot, either, just because the theme is one of witches, magic and sorcery; Bubble Bubble Slots can be played heartily all year round. The betting is easy to understand, and allows for a wide range of players; the minimum amount is 50 cents for an entire game, in increments up to $12.50 for an entire game. This amounts to just a penny per payline, up to 25 cents per payline - you maximize your chances by ensuring that all 50 paylines are active. As the slot progresses, you will hopefully become quite familiar with the titular character, Winni the Witch, for she is responsible for the biggest wins.

The Winni the Witch Wild Symbol Dominates

As for the top symbols in the game, it all begins with Winni the Witch as the substitute; she can replace any other symbol to help you complete a winning payline for the big payout. In order to do this, she must appear on the center reel, however, which restricts the number of opportunities to acceptable levels - after all, the casino House must have enough cash on hand to pay out and fill up your account if you win, right?! Additionally, Winni unlocks a 3x multiplier icon for your benefit. In fact, Winni is so powerful as a symbol that she also functions as a Scatter symbol that brings along more multipliers. The symbol itself alternates between having blonde hair and having red hair; when she is functioning as a wild symbol she prefers the golden locks to help distinguish between the two.

As for the symbol values in this game, let's tackle them one by one. The black cat is the most valuable symbol that's not of the wild or scatter persuasion; for five of a kind on the reels, it is worth 1000 coins on the payline; if the Winni the Witch Wild appears as well, this amount is ratcheted up to an amazing 3000 coins for one of the biggest Substitute symbol improvements we've ever seen. For four of a kind of the black cat you win 333 coins; the wild symbol gets this up to 999 coins. For three black cat symbols on the reels you get 33 coins, which is tripled to 99 coins with the Winni the Witch Wild. For two of a kind you receive 6 coins - there's no doubling or tripling effect for this last combo. The second most valuable non-special symbol is the black raven; for five of a kind this one is worth 1000 coins, 3000 with the substitute; for four of a kind the black raven symbol is worth 333 coins, 999 coins with the Witch Wild symbols; for three of a kind you get 33 coins, with Winni this becomes 99 coins; lastly, for two black raven symbols the prize is 3 coins.

Next are the mid-value symbols, which begin with the Bullfrog; for five of a kind on the reels, this one unleashes a 333 coin payout, which is tripled to 999 coins with Winni the Witch; for four Bullfrogs on the reels, you get 150 coins, which is tripled to 450 coins with the Witch Wild; for three of a kind, the prize is 18 coins, which is tripled to 35 coins with the substitute symbol, and for two of a kind, you win 3 coins.

No Poker Symbols But Paying Magic Icons

The final triplet of symbols come in batches of two symbols each; they are all tripled by the appearance of the Winni the Witch Substitute symbol for every winning combination except for when two of a kind show up. The Jack O Lantern and the Spell book Tome are worth the same; for five of a kind, these get you 333 coins, which is increased to 999 coins with the With Wild; for four of a kind either one of these base symbols is worth 60 coins; for three of a kind, you win 6 coins and for two of a kind the prize is 3 coins. The second batch of symbols includes the Crystal Ball, the Pink Potion and the Love Potion; for five of a kind, these are worth 180 coins each; for four of a kind, you win instead 33 coins, and for three of a kind, you get 8 coins. Finally we get down to the last batch of low value symbols in Bubble Bubble Slots - the Skull, the Candles and the Tarantula. For five of a kind, each of these is worth 99 coins; for four of a kind they will get you 90 coins and for three of a kind, you win 9 coins.

All that's left to discover are the particulars of the Bubble Bubble Slots Bonus. Once inside, you can get the Bewitched Feature to provide free spins, multipliers and amazing cash outs if the wizards smile upon you. Download Bubble Bubble Slots today and give this Halloween themed slots a spin at any time of the year.