Asgard Slots

Arguably, both Greek mythology and Norse mythology are probably the most famous of the old legends; and for good reason – much of Western Civilization has motifs from them extending throughout the culture. In fact, most of the names of the week are named for one god or another! Thursday is named for the god of thunder, Thor; Friday is named for the goddess of warriors, Frigga, Saturday is named for Saturn from Greek mythology, etc. Pagan gods run rampant throughout the present society. Asgard Slots, in particular, has 5 reels and dozens of paylines in which the mighty gods that came after the Nordic Vanir are featured. The 243 paylines that are available inside offer you a huge multitude of ways to win. As such, if you’re into online casino gaming for the potential cash, then this is definitely one of the ones should download for full access to the casino library.

Land of the Gods in Symbols

As with all such pokies, you want to line up the various symbols for the payouts that are commensurate with the symbol combinations. The Nordic theme is alive and well, and will regale you with tales from your youth – assuming you were into mythology back then. The game has several unique features, as well, such as the ability to play at varying speeds, which means you can pace yourself. The AutoPlay function means that you don’t have to play at all insofar as continuing to pay attention to the slot is concerned; just check back periodically after you set the number of rounds to see whether you’ve won something or not. The Max Bet button is self-explanatory; but make sure you have enough in your casino account to cover any paid plays. Although we’ll go through the symbol values later, you should be aware that the highest paying icons are the god of thunder, Thor, Freya, the god of magic and mischief, Loki, and Odin the chief god of Asgard. The Uru metal hammer (forged from the heart of a white dwarf star) of Thor is named Mjolnir, and it is a special symbol with high payouts for prescribed combinations. Runes and Lightning Strikes also feature on the reels as paying icons, as you shall see.

The Substitute Symbol in Asgard Slots

The Wild symbol in Asgard Slots is represented by several figures. The Golden thunderbolt, for example, substitutes for any other symbol except for the Scatter. In addition to helping you create a winning payline, it will double the payouts that are associated with that symbol combo as outlined in the pay table. Aside from the special Golden Wild, there’s a standard Substitute symbol that, while it can replace to help complete a winning payline, it does not multiply your winnings. As can be expected, the Scatter symbol provides some special bonus attributes – such as multiplying your instant win by a factor of 1x or even a factor of 250x. The top symbols in the game are always a joy to behold when they line up on the reels for you. We start off with Odin the chief of the gods; for five of a kind, he is worth a 500 coin payout; if the Golden wild substitute symbol appears as well, this is increased to a doubled payout of 1000 coins. For four of a kind of the Odin symbol, you win 100 coins – which are doubled to 200 coins by the Golden Wild. For three of a kind, Odin brings you a gift of 30 coins, which is doubled to 60 coins with the Golden Substitute symbol. Nearly as powerful as his father, Thor slides into second most valuable symbol with five of a kind bringing you a 450 coin payout; which is doubled to 900 coins by the Golden Wild. Four Thor icons on the reels are worth 100 coins, doubled to 200 coins with the multiplying Golden symbol. Lastly, three Thor symbols pay 30 coins at the base level, which are increased to 60 coins with the Gold Wild icon.

Top Symbol Values

Next we have the dark trickster god, Loki – son of Odin and the giantess Angrboda. Odin’s infidelity – although in truth, a man can surely have more than one woman – led to powerful offspring. The Loki symbol, for five of a kind, is worth a solid 400 coins when this mischievous entity makes an appearance; if the Golden Wild appears as well, this amount is ratcheted up to an impressive 800 coins. For four of a kind, Loki gets you 80 coins, which is leveled up to 160 coins with Golden Wild. Lastly for the paid symbols, three of a kind of Loki gets you 20 coins at the base level; this is increased to 40 coins with the substitution symbol. A symbol of slightly lesser value is the warrior-goddess, mother of the Valkyries, Freya; she is worth a considerable 350 coins, or 700 coins with the Golden Wild. For four of a kind of Freya you win80 coins at the base level, and for three of a kind, that becomes 20 coins. All values, again, are doubled with the appearance of the Golden Wild – the other Wild does not increase payouts but it does improve your chances of landing a winning combination. The last two special symbols include the Realm of Asgard and Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir. For the Asgard symbol, five of a kind gets you 300 coins; four of a kind is worth a 60 coin payout, and three of a kind gets you an award of 15 coins. When the Golden Wild shows up, these values are increased to 600 coins, 120 coins and 30 coins. Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir, for five of a kind at the base, gets you 250 coins; for four of a kind, Mjolnir is good for a 60 coin payout, and three of a kind is worth 15 coins. The Golden wild pushes these values, respectively, up to 500 coins, 120 coins and 30 coins. Lastly, we have the poker card jackets Ace, King, Queen, Joker, 10 and 9. For the Ace and King symbols, the values are the same; for five of a kind, you win 150 coins. For four of a kind, you get instead 20 coins, and for three of a kind, the prize is 10 coins. The Queen and the Joker are, separately, worth 125 coins for five on the reels. For four of a kind you win 15 coins, and for three of a kind, you win 7 coins. For 10 and 9, five of a kind gets you 100 coins. For four of them you win 10 coins and for three of a kind the prize is 5 coins. There’s so much more to this awesome Asgard Slots that you have just got to download and play for real money.