Ancient Gods Slots

A topic of eternal intrigue is the prospect of ancient gods – no matter what culture they happen to hail from. In this particular instance, Real Time Gaming (shortened to RG) is an industry giant software games provider that has released one from the Orient; these are gods of Chinese origin. Mighty in nature, as you discern them, you may notice that they are all really just different manifestations of the gods from Ancient Babylon; the ones that emerged as the remnants of the seminal apostasy started by the family of Noah – Kush, Nimrod and Semiramis (the last by marriage). Although all that is interesting, the reason that you are really here is to check out a magnificent 5 reel, 25 payline pokey with scintillating graphics and elite gameplay. Thus; let us begin.

A Visually Impressive Journey

The symbols on the reels are reminiscent of the times of magic, lore and legend that have since passed us by, when dragons, mages and wizards fought with the gods, themselves, to release men from servitude. As such, you will find adamantine turtle gods, tigers, eagles and dragons on the reels, and they are worth a ton of money in the real money version of Ancient Gods Slots if you get lucky enough to land winning combinations. There’s a Wild symbol in the game to enhance your winnings, and a Scatter icon that transports you to the free spins and bonus realms. As for the gods, they were termed the Protectors of Heaven by the Ancient Chinese, and in their role as Guardians of the Holy, they oversaw the machinations of man. This slot does a good job of capturing their importance without taking away from the riveting gameplay.

The Wild Yellow Dragon Symbol

The Ancient Gods wild symbol is the Yellow Dragon as opposed to the Jade Dragon – the latter is usually the ultimate symbol of luck in Chinese lore. As is the case with Wild/Substitute symbols, it can replace any other one to help the gamer complete a winning payline. However, there is a single caveat – the sub symbol cannot supplant the Scattered Golden Medallion figure. You will want to pay attention to the massive 7,500 x top payout that’s possible inside – with x being your wager at the start of the game. Although this isn’t an All Ways Pay game, there are still quite a few numbers of ways to win. Additionally, your prizes can be multiplied by a factor of two or even three depending on the number of Scattered Golden Medallions that appear. To further improve your considerable wins, the retrigger feature allows you to keep on piling on the number of extra chances. As for the top symbols, the Wild Center Dragon symbol is for five of a kind, worth a payout of 2500 coins to the lucky casino player. For four of a kind of the red and gold Center Dragon on the reels, you receive 500 coins; for three of a kind, your prize is 200 coins, and for two of a kind, you win 10 coins on the payout lines. The single Golden Medallion icon that cannot be replaced by the Wild is, for five of a kind, worth a 200 coin payout; for four of a kind, you get a 10 coin payout for it and for three of a kind, 2 coins are yours to keep. When the Medallion symbol shows up, it can do in either the left to right direction or the right to left direction in order to engender a payout – unlike the other symbols, which only pay for a left to right direction appearance.

Free Games Bonus Feature in Ancient Gods Slots

Let us not neglect to mention that the Scatter symbol in Ancient Gods Slots can unlock the Free Games Feature for even more wins. When a triplet of Golden Medallions show up to the reel party, you are privy to this special section; they can appear in any direction. Once this sub-game begins, if a Center Dragon or a Scattered Medallion appears, then you get a couple of free games. As it is progressing, you can continue racking up even more of them in a feature known as “retriggering.” All of your prizes are doubled should 4 Medallions show up; they are tripled if 5 of the Scattered Golden Medallions appear instead. The top paying symbols begin with the Jade Dragon, which, in case you hadn’t figured it out by now, is an incredible symbol of luck in Chinese lore. For five of a kind on the reels, the Jade Dragon symbol is worth 1250 coins. For four of a kind of this symbol you win 250 coins; for three Jade Dragon symbols the prize is 100 coins and for 2 of a kind, you get 5 coins. Next up is the Fire Phoenix symbol; for five of a kind this one is worth 10000 coins; for four of a kind you get 100 coins; for three of a kind the Phoenix symbol is worth 20 coins, and for three of a kind you get 3 coins on the paylines.

Ancients Gods Lesser Gods as Symbols

The second set of symbols begin with the lucky White Tiger; for five of a kind this one is worth 500 coins; for four of a kind the White Tiger gets you 50 coins; for three of a kind it is worth a solid 15 coins, and for two of a kind the White Tiger icon pays out 2 coins. The Tortoise symbol rounds out this bunch with five on the reels giving the lucky gamer 250 coins; four of a kind providing you with a 40 coin payout; three of a kind getting you 10 coins and two of a kind being worth 2 coins. Despite all of these goodies, what you really want to win is the maximum 50,000x per bet line that’s available in the real money game at the maximum wager. Play Ancient Gods Slots today to get all the way into the heart-pounding nature of the real cash version of the RTG pokey.