IRIS 3000 Slots

I.R.I.S stands for Interactive Real Intelligence Slot and so it functions in a different way to the standard slot game. If you like sci-fi, robots, laser beams, and the like, this is a rare find for you to enjoy. This game is totally different than any slot you have ever played. Added features include a bonus feature, a progressive jackpot and multipliers.

IRIS 3000 Slots game developer

IRIS 3000 comes from Real Time Gaming, a software giant in the industry. RTG has about 150 games to offer, including a large selection of slots, traditional games, random progressive games, and popular video slots. They are known for easy to use software, powerful features and availability to US players.

Is This Slot Available in Demo play?

Try IRIS 3000 slot online for free in demo mode with no download and no registration required, compliments of Real Time Gaming. The benefits of playing in demo mode is it gives you a chance to play the game and get the hang of it before you place real money bets. You will play the very same version of the game that you will play when you bet money on it.

What is the Slot’s Theme?

The theme of IRIS 3000 is truly out of this world. The doors are locked but can you access the laser beams before its too late? You will hear a computer voice saying “Warning” before the doors open. Can you make it all happen before time runs out?

Game design of IRIS 3000

You must decide which two doors you want closed and the five you want open. If you don’t choose, IRIS will choose for you. It is filled with shock and anticipation while you await what’s next. Fans of sci-fi video games will find the slot game to be realistically unrealistic.

What are the Slot Game Features?

IRIS 3000 is a 7-reel, bonus progressive video slot with one single pay line. The only way to win is by matching five symbols on the one line. IRIS 3000 is a very different type of slot game, for example once you select your doors, as mentioned above, a laser beam will scan back and forth and randomly stop on any of the 7 doors. If the laser beam lands on a closed door, that door will open, and that reel becomes active. Only Reels on open doors are part of the pay line. Once you get all seven doors open, a multiplier wheel will spin, and you could win 10x more than what you initially won. To win the progressive jackpot, you need all seven doors open, a 10x multiplier, and 5 Radiation Hazards. Added features include a free spins bonus round. Symbols used in IRIS 3000 are Bio Hazard, Electrical Hazard, Gold Bar, and Radiation Hazard. There are no scatters or wilds used in this slot game.

How Much Can I bet?

IRIS 3000 has a fixed coin value at fifty cents and the max bet allowed per spin is $1.50. To get the most out of this slot game it is best if you play the max coins since this is how you get the maximum doors open and the biggest multipliers. The biggest non progressive jackpot is worth 7500 coins.

About the Paytable

The games pay table is located directly above the games reels and includes all the possible payouts in a slots game and will show the payout for each combination of symbols for the number of coins that you bet. By taking a few moments to look at the paytable you will quickly learn a lot about the game.

Is there a Bonus Feature?

In the I.R.I.S. 3000 Bonus Game if you bet two coins per spin a single laser beam scans the doors. If it stops above a closed door, then that door will open, and this increases your chance to win. If you bet 3 coins per spin, then two laser beams scan the doors and open any door they stop above. If all seven doors open, then a multiplier wheel spins, and this can multiply your win by up to 10 times your original bet.

Game RTP on I.R.I.S. 3000

I.R.I.S. 3000 Slots has a 95% RTP. This is valuable information to know. RTP stands for Return to Player and is the percentage of stakes a game returns to players. It is generally an overall measurement of how the game will pay.

What is this Slot’s game rating?

I.R.I.S. 3000 Slots has received an overall rating of 3.5 out of five for theme and graphics.

Can I Play for fun?

I.R.I.S. 3000 Slots is available in free play. This is the perfect way to practice the game before you download it and play for real money. It gives you an idea of exactly what to expect you decide to play it.

Can I Play for real money?

After you have played I.R.I.S. 3000 Slots for fun you are welcome to play it for real money too. This slot game can be found at any RTG casino and the download is easy and quick.

Can I play on Mobile?

I.R.I.S. 3000 Slots is available on your mobile devices to play. RTG has a brilliant mobile platform available so you can play this and other slot games across a wide-ranging list of mobile devices like, Windows, Android, and ios.