Big Bopper Slots

Anyone who is familiar with Rock n Roll will definitely know who the Big Bopper is and was; a shooting star who graced the scene in the middle age of rock to leave an indelible legacy that was cut short when he met an untimely end. JP Richardson Jr was a magnificent, defining performer who perished in the same plane crash that took the lives of Ritchie Valenzuela and Buddy Holly - much to the chagrin of music history, itself. Put together by Real Time Gaming, this JP Richardson Jr ode has an unconventional 6 reels and 729 paylines - offering a huge number of ways to win. The reason why there are so many paylines is because this is an All Ways Pay Slots, which means you win when the right symbols align in either the left to right direction, or the right to left direction.

Although available for free play, why would you want to waste that on a giant slot with so many prizes and cash waiting in the wings for the lucky online casino gamer? You can bet a low amount if you’re conservative; this slot accepts coin denominations between $0.01 and $0.30 per line. Of course, to facilitate gameplay and betting, The Big Bopper Slots allows betting on total spin instead of individual paylines.

The Big Bopper Slots Attributes - Multipliers and Bonus Features

As you get into the game, you will become familiar with attributes such as the grouped wild, which is represented by The Big Bopper, himself; JP Richardson Jr. appears in triplets as the stacked substitute symbol, and he can substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter. When he does replace lesser symbols, he does so with a bit of the style for which he was renowned in real life - there’s a 3x multiplier that lands on the scene. For a game with 729 paylines, this can lead to some truly awesome payouts in the real money version of the video slot.

As for the scatter symbol, it is represented by his name emblazoned across a placard. Bopper is truly pervasive throughout the game in terms of symbolism, as befits a pokey that carries his namesake. The letters of his last nom de guerre are individually presented on the reels 1-6, and if three out of the total of six show up, a bevy of bonus features land in your present game. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to get even more than that, then your prizes rise commensurately. The scatter symbols are buttressed by a re-spin feature that allows the wins to truly pile up. If they just so happen to spell out the great musicians name when they appear, then you’ve lucked into a really big prize.

Symbol Combination Payouts

Now for the symbols combinations and their commensurate payouts. We start with the Lightning Record symbol; for six of a kind on the reels, you win an impressive 2000 coins; when the Big Bopper Substitute symbol appears with it, this is drummed up to an incredible 6000 coins! That 3x multiplier really helps out, doesn’t it! When five of a kind of the Lightning Record appears, you win 300 coins, tripled to 900 with the Big Bopper Wild. For four of a kind, the prize is 100 coins and for three of a kind, your payout is 50 coins. Another very valuable symbol is the Gold Record - of which The Big Bopper had many. For six of a kind the prize is 1000 coins tripled to 3000 coins with the appearance of the Wild symbol. For five of a kind, the Gold Record gets you 150 coins; for four of a kind, it is worth 50 coins, and for three of a kind, you get 25 coins. All values are tripled by the Wild.

The next batch of valuable symbols begins with the Jukebox icon; for six of these across the reels, you win 500 coins. For five of a kind of the Jukebox icon you get 100 coins; for four of a kind, the prize is 50 coins and for three of a kind you win 12 coins. Respectively, these values jump to 1500 coins, 300 coins, 90 coins and 36 coins if the Big Bopper Substitutes for any of the symbols combinations. Lastly for standalone symbols, we have the Microphone; for six of them on the game board you win a 250 coin payout; for five of a kind, you get 75 coins, for four of a kind the prize is 25 coins and for three of a kind, you win 8 coins.

The Red Recorder and Black Record symbols are included in the same batch, since they are worth the same. For six of a kind, you win 200 coins on the payline. For five of a kind, you get 50 coins, for four of a kind, your reward is 15 coins and for three of a kind, you get 7 coins. With the JP Richardson Jr. Wild symbol, these values are tripled to 600 coins, 150 coins, 45 coins and 21 coins, respectively. Next up are the Guitar and the Radio symbols; for six of a kind these get you 150 coins; for five of a kind, they are worth 40 coins; for four of a kind, you win 12 coins, and for three of a kind, you get 5 coins. The final collection of symbols include the Telephone and the Music symbols. For six on the reels, you win 125 coins; for five of a kind, the prize is 55 coins, for four of a kind, you win 10 coins and for three of a kind, 3 coins.

Download and play The Big Bopper Slots from Real Time Gaming today to enjoy the fruits of music labor. The Bonus Features have the potential to unlock loads of cash and prizes for the real money gamer.