High Rollers Slots

Although high rollers is a generic term meant to denote those with deep pockets, in this case we are referring to a specific slot from Real Time Gaming. This Classic Slot has the obligatory 3 reels, but in this special case it has 5 payline instead of the single payline that is characteristic of a Classic. In addition to the multitude of extra lines, High Rollers Slots also has a withering design, which means that it is a lot more visually pleasing than the average video slot of a similar size. You can bet in increments of one coin to five coins in order to ratchet up the final possible tally. You might find it interesting to know that there's a Wild sign that is in the form of a Peace sign, as well.

The familiar 3 reel design will put your heart at ease, because too much novelty can be a bad thing at first glance. This way, you can ease into the unique particulars of High Rollers Online Slots. Although free play is available, you have to ask yourself exactly why you would play a Classic pokey in the free mode, since the primary attribute of these is the money you can potentially win. After all, they are not big on graphics or storyline, right? Nonetheless, it's completely up to you and there's no obligation whatsoever to download the casino software - although the latter is the only way you can make a deposit and take advantage of the Welcome Bonus and the casino promotions to which members are privy.

Keep in mind that the minimum bet for this video slot is just 0.05 credits, which pretty much eliminates the rationale for playing the Instant Option. Even with just this small amount, if you play all of the paylines, you just might be able to capitalize without spending much. On the other hand, if you want to go for broke, then try playing all 5 lines at the max wager of 25 credits. Of course, it's also possible - maybe even advisable, but who are we to say - to play any of the available incremental numbers in-between the two extremes. Don't get too caught up, however, in making the biggest wager possible unless your bank account can handle it; always play paying slots responsibly.

As for the symbols, themselves, now is the time to check them out. The double lava lamp symbol is the lowest paying icon of them all, and if you play any of the paylines one through four, you can win 3 credits for three double lava lamp signs. If you play all 5 lines, the ultimate prize from this low paying symbol is still just 3 credits. But then again, it didn't exactly cost you an arm and a leg to play at this level, did it. How much you can win is always dependent on how much you are willing to risk. Additionally, the peace sign is the game's saving grace at this level, in that it can replace any other symbol to help complete a winning payline.

The next symbol of worth is the triple butterfly. For three of a kind across the reels, if you play paylines 1-4, you can win 6 credits. The same goes, somewhat surprisingly, for playing all 5 lines. The next symbol is the t-shirt; if you line up three t-shirt symbols and play any or all of the paylines, then you can win up 24 credits. The final symbol is the traveling tour bus; it is the highest paying icon other than the Wild peace sign. For paylines 1-4, you can win 48 credits, and for payline 5 you get 100 credits if three of a kind of the tour bus symbol appears. This psychedelic slot is quite the experience; it is definitely inclined towards the hippie! Play today and see if some luck can swing your way; High Rollers is from RTG and is open to players from the US.