Diamond Mine Slots

Perhaps not surprisingly, a slot with the name “Diamond Mine” would be pretty popular - in fact, there are several different games with the same name in the online casino gaming space. The one that concerns us, in particular, is the 3 reel, single payline Classic from RTG. As a progressive, it’s definitely slated for real money gaming, and you are allowed to pick one, two or three coins to wager at the start. The coin sizes vary from a small $0.05 to the maximum of $5. In the next section, you will learn the symbol values before you check out the game officially.

The most costly symbol in Diamond Mine Slots is the Gold Dollar Sign. for three of a kind, if you play three coins the top prize is the 2,500 coin jackpot. Obviously, if you bet the full $5, there’s a lot of money in store for you. If you play two coins instead, and still get three Gold Dollar Signs on the three reels, you win 1600 coins. For a single coin wager, three Gold Dollar Sign symbols on the reels rewards the player with a considerable 800 coins. Similarly valuable is the Diamond symbol; for a three coin wager, three Diamonds on the game board returns a payout of 150 coins. For a two coin wager, three Diamond icons are worth 100 coins, and for a one coin wager, these same three Diamonds are worth 50 coins.

The middle level symbols begin with the Red Numeral 7 symbol; for a max three coin wager and three Red Numeral 7s on the board at the same time, you win 105 coins. For a two coin wager and the same result of three Red Numeral 7 symbols, you win 70 coins. For a single coin bet the prize for three of a kind is 35 coins. There’s also a triple Pink Bar symbols; for three of a kind on the maximum bet, the prize is 75 coins. For a two coin wager and the Triple Pink Bar symbols, you get 50 coins. For a one coin wager and a Triple Pink Bar the prize is 25 coins. Next up is the Red Bar; for three of a kind on the max bet, you win 36 coins. For three Red Bar symbols on a two coin bet, the prize is 24 coins. For a single coin and three Red Bars the award is 12 coins.

Keep in mind that in order to have access to the progressive jackpot inside, you are compelled to wager the maximum three coins allowed at the betting line. Otherwise, you’ll only be in the running for the prizes offered by the lower paying symbols. Either way, Diamond Slots from RTG is a steady old Classic that can potentially give you what you want.