Crazy Dragon Slots

Real Time Gaming never seems to take a break, given the plethora of new games that they release each month. The online casino games maker extraordinaire is definitely trying to give you the gamer a different look with Crazy Dragon Slots - and it manages to do so even though it's not a full-fledged video slot, but rather, a 3 reel, single payline Classic.Despite its Classic style, it nonetheless has the unusual attribute of a Progressive Jackpot - which just shows how hard it is to compete in today's online casino gaming space without giving the real money player a chance at scooping up exorbitant amounts of cash. This is, of course, to your benefit, so don't tally too long on the Instant Play version of the slot. The visual impression it will make on you despite being a Classic will not soon be forgotten.

There's one caveat with Crazy Dragon Classic slot: you cannot play it for free at most online casinos. However, the chip denominations are so small there's really very little reason not to chip a few pennies in and see how far they take you.The coin size is a measly $1, and there are three coins allowed to be played on the single payline. The elevated chip levels for an entire game are $5, $25 and $100, and the max bet is just $3. With the possibility of obtaining 100 free spins, you might be unprepared for this huge number of extra chances at what amounts to a crazy game. Although small and compact, the software designers spared little expense in rendering elaborate symbols for the benefit of the gamer. Be sure to play the maximum $3 every single time if you want statistical access to the progressive jackpot, as players who play less than the max are locked out.

Earlier in this review of RTG's Crazy Dragon Slots, we mentioned a progressive jackpot at the end of the game or any particular round (if you're lucky, that is). It starts off at a $2,000 minimum and can be increased every single round that the prize goes un-won. The symbols on the reels include a bonsai tree, a mighty dragon, some fireworks, a pagoda and the famous ying-yang sign that denotes the masculine and the feminine. There are no poker jacket symbols to worry about because the slot simply isn't big enough to offer a multitude of paying icons. There's no Autoplay here, so you'll have to enjoy it while fully engaged in the game; hopefully, the progressive jackpot keeps you going full-tilt!

So, how do you play Crazy Dragon Slots? It's as straightforward as can be: just begin on the left side since this game proceeds in the Western reading direction of left to right. Look for the Bet One sign to play as you please, one at a time, or simply pick the descriptive Play All button on the left side to play the full allotment of coins allowed all at once. Once you get in the groove, you'll learn that Crazy Dragon Slots has a special bonus round that ratchets up the possibilities, as well as the amount of total cash and prizes you just might be able to take with you. While gaming, you should look to the board to see if you can spy the appearance of the Crazy Dragon, himself; this means you're on the way to some big wins!

Here are the terms of the bigger wins that this game has to offer: you will need the great head of the dragon to show up on the primary reel in order to tap into the free spins realm. Get separate parts of his great body to show up on the second and then the third reels and you're in for an even greater surprise in the form of double doses of free spins to help you pursue the jackpot even longer. Now for the biggest one of all: get the dragon symbols to appear on every single reel and walk away with a grand total of 100 extra games by way of free spins. If you ask most online casino gamers, this is more than worth a shot. Use your free spins with gusto and a positive attitude and we're rooting for you to win it all - the progressive awaits the luckiest gamer of them all before resetting to its base level of $2,000 once it's won once.

There's another way to play Crazy Dragon Slots; if you already know how much or how little you wish to spend, then tap into the $1.00 fixed option and just play the same amount every time without having to change the coin denominations. Of course, there are still 3 coins max that you can choose to play on the payline. Although we'll go over the symbol values shortly, it behooves you to know that the Firehouse symbol is quite valuable, and if you get three of them in a row on the reels, you're rewarded with a $3000 win if you played the max $3 bet at the beginning of the game. The Wild symbol is the Substitute symbol, and it is represented by the Ying-Yang icon. With the ability to just keep on winning extra spins even during a current spin, you've really got incentive to just keep spinning those reels, don't you? Well then in the next part, let's take a look at the symbol values of every icon in Crazy Dragon Slots - before sending you off to play it for real. In this first section, we'll visit the possible winning payouts for a wager with the maximum 3 coins. If you get three gold Firefly symbols on the reels in this case, you win the top jackpot of $3000! If, instead, you line up three of the gold seahorse symbols, you get the considerably less lucrative 300 coin payout - but it's still nothing to sneeze at! Next we have the Green Horse Piece symbol, which, for three of them on the reels and a 3 coin wager, grants a payout of 30 coins. Finally, for the same triple coin bet and 3 Grey Rook symbols, you win 6 coins.

For the 2 coin wager, you are not eligible for the progressive jackpot prize - but there are plenty of pretty good payouts for the real money player here. Land the gold firefly symbols across all three reels and enjoy the numbers ratcheting up to 2000 coins. If instead you land three gold seahorse symbols, your winnings amount to 200 coins on the 2 coin bet. For the green horse piece icon you win 20 coins on a 2 coin wager if three of them land on the reels. Finally, in the 2 coin wager department, three Grey rooks gets you 4 coins.

At the most conservative level we've got the single coin wager guys and gals. For a line up of three gold firefly symbols on a 1 coin wager, you win 1000 coins - which is really not bad at all! For a 1 coin wager and a line up of three of a kind of the gold seahorse symbols, the payout is 100 coins. For three green seahorse symbols the prize is 10 coins, and for three grey rooks you win 2 coins. Play Crazy Dragon Slots in the Classic section at your favorite online casino here; perhaps you will be the lucky winner who takes the entire Progressive Jackpot and restarts everything at the $2,000 base level.