Boy King's Treasure Slots

Boy Kings Treasure Slots has 5 reels and 20 pay lines and is capable of delivering 2X payouts when the wild symbol appears to help complete a winning pay line. Additionally, it's got scatter symbols back and not only unlock the free games feature, but that are also paying scatters that provide multipliers for whenever you win the regular games. Lastly, is a random jackpot that will truly knock your socks off in the real money version of this Real Time Gaming video slot. Although Instant Play is available, the only thing you can win in that version is fun money; download the casino software to have a chance a cash and prizes today.

Boy King’s Treasure Credits and Paylines

Just in case you cannot easily find Boy King's Treasure inside, keep in mind that it used to be known as King Tut's Treasure. You will be regaled with sizzling animation, as well as a dazzling soundtrack that is literally music to your ears. It will definitely whisks you back to the time of Ancient Egypt, and the many reminiscent symbols on the reels also serve to instill a sense of nostalgia. The so-called Boy King is the offspring of Tut, and he is pretty to the sheer wealth that his late father amassed will of the caps and City. As for the betting, you can wager between 0.01 credits and 5.00 credits for every single one pay lines. That makes for a maximum of 100 credits per game if you bet the 0.20 credits maximum and play all the recommend lines. It's important to note that this is not an All Ways Pay Slot; the symbols only pay out in the left to the right direction unless they are scatter symbols.

The most robust treasure-laden payouts reside in the throne room, and the right symbol combinations are the only thing that can get you there. The Substitute Boy King is capable of replacing all symbols except for the Scattered Cobra (the deadly snake renowned throughout the world). Any payouts in which the Boy King symbol is involved will result in a doubled payout. As for the Scattered Cobra icon, when a triplet of them shows up on the reels, you win a bunch of free spins with which to extend your current game. The double beauty of this feature is that, even as you are undergoing a present free spins round, you can trigger another one with the so-called re-spin ability. It’s quite possible to just keep on racking up dozens and dozens of extra chances at the biggest payout combos in Boy King’s Treasure Slots.

Free Spins and Bonus Features

As for how exactly the free spins pan out, you need three Cobras to get 15 extra chances on the reels. If the Wild Boy King symbol also appears, then it means that you are on a truly lucky winning streak and a 2x multiplier will be applied to your cache. It’s also possible to win a 3x and a 4x multiplier feature, as well. The total number can run as high as 16x, with x being your starting wager at the beginning of this game.

As for the breakdown of the other symbols, the payouts are rendered in an unconventional way in Boy King’s Treasure Slots. The Cobra, for example, can deliver a 150x win along with 15 free games when five of a kind appear on the reels. When four of a kind of the Scattered cobra appear this prize is reduced to 25x win and 15 free games. For three cobra symbols, as hinted at earlier, you get the full bag of 5x payout and 15 free games. Next is the Gold Bracelet symbol which, for five of a kind, returns a reward of 1800 coins; this win, as are all the others to come, is enhanced with the appearance of the Boy King Wild. For five of a kind of the Gold Bracelet icon, you get 3600 coins if King Tut’s son shows up. For four of a kind of the Bracelet your prize is 900 coins, and for three of a kind on the reels, you win 200 coins.

High Paying Symbols and Low Paying Symbols Breakdown

The Gold Jackal emblem is worth, for five of a kind, 1000 coins; but if King Tut Substitutes in for a symbol, this is increased to 2000 coins. At the four symbols on the reels level, the Gold Jackal returns a payout of 20 coins, which is doubled to 400 with King Tut’s appearance. For three of a kind, the Gold Jackal gets you 20 coins; 40 with the Boy King substituting. We’re now down to the final two treasure symbols from the realm of the Ancient Egyptians, and these are the Blue Hippo Idol and the Bird of Horus. For five of a kind, these will get you 750 coins; when King Tut shows up as well, this is ratcheted up to 1500 coins. For four of a kind of either symbol you win 75 coins; along with the Substitute icon this is improved to a 150 coins. There’s still a 40 coin payout for three of a kind, so don’t let this low number of combinations get you down - especially if you wagered the max coin denomination at the beginning of the game.

The low paying symbols are taken by the poker icons. These begin with the Ace and the King; for five of a kind, these give you 500 coins. King Tut substitutes to the tune of 1000 coins. For four of a kind of the Ace or the King symbol you win 25 coins; doubled to 50 coins with the Substitute or Wild symbol. For three of a kind on the reels, you win 10 coins; King Tut improves this to 20 coins. The Queen and the Joker symbol are in the same bracket of payout combinations; for five of a kind on the reels, either of these gets you 150 coins - doubled to 300 coins with the help of King Tut. For four of a kind, these get you 20 coins; doubled to 40 coins with King Tut. Finally, for three of a kind, the Queen and the Joker symbols are worth 5 coins and can be doubled to 10 coins with the Wild. The last symbols in Boy King’s Treasure Slots are the 10 and the 9. For five of a kind on the reels, you get 100 coins, which becomes 200 coins with King Tut. For four of a kind of either the 10 or the 9 symbol, you receive a 15 coin payout, which turns into 30 coins with King Tut. If three of a kind shows up on the reels, you win 5 coins; these become 10 coins with King Tut. Download this Real Time Gaming creation today to fully enjoy it on your mobile device or desktop computer.