Big Shot Slots

Big Shot Slots
Sporting 5 reels and 20 paylines of elite play, Big Shot Slots is from casino games maker, Real Time Gaming. As such, it’s got all of the usual, exceptional elements of play, ranging from free spins, substitute symbols that enhance payouts, random jackpots and Scatter icons that pay out handsomely - as well as that unlock bonus features. As for the visuals, prepare to be impressed: Big Shot Slots looks amazing, and does not seem to spare any expense when it comes to the animations. Clearly, the scene is set in the magical Los Angeles locale of Hollywood, California, which also known as tinseltown, and in which all the big movie stars are made - or to which all the latent stars gravitate. As can be expected in the Land of the Rich and Famous, the symbols pay out relatively high amounts when compared to other 5 reel video slots, and this can be seen in the pay table for reference. Later, we will check out the payouts that are commensurate with winning combinations here.

Big Shot Slots Special Symbols

Although there are special symbols that serve as the highest paying icons in this game, you can expect to see the poker card jackets, as well. These are, in order of value, the Ace, King, Queen, Joker, 10 and 9; additionally, a special symbol makes its way into their realm in the form of the Director’s Cue Card and it is responsible for starting and stopping the film action as suits the producers. Not to leave you hanging, the titular Big Shots symbol makes an appearance on the reels, and if it appears in the prescribed quantity, it will bring in tow a bevy of free spins with which to extend your winning streak. The only symbol better than this one may be the Sparkling Red Sports Car - but that could very well be a matter of opinion. It depends on what you value more - high payouts, or more chances at the jackpot prize.

Some of the other valuable symbols include the debonair Blonde Girl who, of course, appears on the arm of practically every A-List celebrity if you catch him at the right time. She provides a lot of credits on the game board if at least two of a kind appears. The Male Movie Superstar is even more valuable, ostensibly, since he is the whale that every lady is trying to catch. The beauty of a variable slot game like Big Shot is that you can alter the number of played paylines to match what you’re willing to spend in the real money version of the game; vets recommend playing all 20 lines, though, in order to give yourself the best chance to win. Vary the coin sizes, instead, from the provided 0.01 credits per line to the max of 100 credits for a total spin. The Progressive Jackpot is only available to lucky gamers who choose higher wagers to keep things fair.

Bonus Wild and Scatter Icon Functions

The bonus symbols are the Wild and the Scatter. The Wild is the Male Movie Star, and he shows up on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels alone; he can replace nearly any other symbol to help complete a winning payline. The only symbols he cannot sub in for are the Scattered Gold Prize icon and the Big Shot Slots game emblem. For five of a kind of the Scattered Gold Prize statue icon, you get 100 credits on the paylines; for four of a kind, your prize is a solid 20 credits. If you line up three of a kind of the Scatter icon, you win 5 credits, and just two Scatter symbols gets you 1 credit. All scatter symbol combos can line in up in either direction to pay out cash prizes.

The top paying regular symbol is the Blonde Trophy Girl; for five of a kind she is worth 2500 coins; for four of a kind on the reels she gets you 500 coins. For three Blonde Trophy Girl icons, the prize is 200 coins, and for two of a kind you win 5 coins. These symbols and the others only pay out if they appear in the left to right direction - unlike the Scatter symbols. The Red Sportscar icon is not too bad either with five of a kind paying you 1000 coins. For four of a kind of the Red Sports Car symbol you win 300 coins; for three of a kind, you get 100 coins and for two of a kind your reward is 5 coins. The last of the regular symbols is the Movie Director Cut Reel; for five of them on the reels your payout is a considerable 500 coins; for four of a kind, you get 100 coins; for three of a kind, the prize is 25 coins and for two of a kind, you win 3 coins.

The poker card suits we mentioned earlier are now relevant; for the Ace and King, five of a kind gets you a payout of 400 credits. For four of a kind of either, the payout now is 50 credits; for three of a kind, you win 20 credits. For the Queen and the Joker symbols, you get 200 credits for five of a kind of either one on the reels; for four of a kind, you win 50 credits, and for three of a kind the prize is a 10 credit payout - which isn’t bad for card suits. Lastly, the 10 and the 9 symbols are worth, for five of a kind, 100 credits. For four of a kind, these get you 20 credits, and for three of a kind they are worth 5 credits. Download to discover more about this top slot from RTG.